De-Met & De-Met Colourcoat Capabilities

Press Brake

LVD PPEB 80/25

LVD PPEB 170/42

4200mm (max) length

170 tonne (max)

8 axis CNC control giving accuracy of 0.2mm bend dimension, and 0.5 angular tolerances.

Maximum capabilities

4200mm long 0.5mm–2.0mm mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium

3000mm long 4.0mm–6.0mm mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium

2500mm long 8.0mm mild steel and aluminium

1500mm long 8.0mm stainless steel

1300mm long 10.0mm mild steel and aluminium

1000mm long 10.0mm stainless steel

Plus hemming tools and specials

Turret Punch

LVD Sirius 1225

Up to 1250mm wide material and up to 4000mm long

0.7mm-3.0mm aluminium and mild steel

0.5mm-1.5mm stainless steel

Laser Cutting Machine

4.0 kw Sirius Laser Processing Centre

Sirius is a high speed laser processing centre that incorporates flying optics with constant beam length control to assure fast, accurate cutting.

Machine capabilities

3000mm x 1500mm maximum sheet size

15mm thick mild steel

16mm thick stainless steel

12.5mm thick aluminium

Plus other materials on request

Fabrication Facility

4 stations of welding and fabrication facilities including MIG and TIG in mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium

Maximum weight 2 tonne although two 10 tonne cranes are available

Maximum size 4000mm x 2500mm x 2000mm or 6000mm x 3000mm x 600mm

Powder Coating Plant

100m conveyor track system

Wash / pre-treatment facility

Drying oven

Spray booth

In line curing oven

Wet spay booth

Box curing oven

Maximum length on track - 6m

Maximum height on track 1.8m

Maximum width on track 800mm

Various RAL / BS colours and gloss levels stocked, plus others on request